Ontario Pole Inspections Services Inc.
Dependable, Reliable Wood Pole Maintenance
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State of the art wood pole inspection using refined methods developed over 25 years.

  • Sound and Bore Inspections. (the industry norm - most accurate)
  • Non invasive methods.
  • The latest methods in determining remaining pole strength including the use of engineered software.
  • Identification of strength reducing decay/damage and providing recommendations for corrective action.

Remedial Treatment (life extension)

  • External Treatment
  • Internal Treatment
  • Insecticide Treatment

Ontario Pole Inspection Services Inc. uses the Genics line of wood preservatives with proven treatment methods developed over the last 25 years.

Joint use and infrastructure surveys

  • Electronic data reports.
  • Joint use identification.
  • Hardware identification.
  • High resolution picture taking, attached to data.

Additional Services

  • Replacing of defective ground wire covers and Guy Markers.
  • Visual report of defective equipment and/or attachments.
  • Pole Identification Tagging (number tagging)
  • GPS coordinate collection.
  • Pole maintenance training for utility staff.
  • Asset management reports including life cycle analysis.